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Examples of General Notary Public Services include (but not limited to):


  • Adoption Paperwork

  • Advanced Health Care Directives

  • Affidavits of Fraud and Identity Theft

  • Construction Documents

  • Deed of Trust, Quit Claim Deeds, Grant Deed

  • Divorce Documents

  • Estate Plan Documents

  • Insurance Documents

  • Irrevocable Assignments of Insurance

  • Last Will & Testament, or Living Wills

  • Lease Agreements and Proof of Residence

  • Letters of Authorization

  • Letters of Support

  • Pension Application

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Promissory Notes

  • Statements of Financial Support

  • Subordination Agreements

  • Titles or Transfers of Ownership

  • Travel Affidavits and Parental Consent for Minors

  • Trust Certifications

  • Vital Records Copy Request


Examples of Loan Signing Services include (but not limited to):


  • Auto Loans

  • Cash purchases


  • Loan Modification Agreement

  • Purchases 

  • Refinances

  • Reverse Mortgages

  • Sellers Package

  • Short Sales

  • Structured settlements

  • Time share properties


Mobile notary public in Los Alamitos, Rossmoor, Seal Beach


We are not lawyers and do not give legal advice.  For legal inquiries, please contact an attorney or your local bar association.



Each signer must present at least one of the forms of ID listed below.  The ID must be current or, if expired, have been issued the last 5 years; contain the signer's photograph, personal description, and signature; and bear a serial or other identifying number.


  1. Driver's License or non driver's ID card issued in the USA.

  2. U.S. Passport.

  3. U.S. Military ID Card that contains all required elements stated above, (The common Access Card CAC is not acceptable.

  4. Driver's License issued in Mexico or Canada.

  5. Foreign Passport stamped by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

  6. Inmate ID issued by the the California Dept. of Corrections.


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